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Your Career

Job hunting isn’t easy, but New River Search makes it easier. We help candidates improve their career opportunities by finding great jobs within our growing network of clients. 

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How It Works

When we first approach you as a potential candidate, you’ll notice that we’re friendly, yet professional search consultants. Most people tell us that we’re easy to work with. You’ll also notice that we’re focused on you. We want to know all about your career goals and experiences. We’re also very familiar with the companies that we represent and the search assignments that we recruit for. So as you begin to describe your career goals and experience, certain things that you say will resonate with us.  After you’ve described your career goals and experience, we’ll discuss the job description in detail, and we’ll discuss with you how your goals and experience relate to this current opportunity. If it appears to be a good fit we’ll move forward in the process. But if not, we work with a lot of companies, and recruit on many positions, so we might discuss another career opportunity with you at this point, or in the near future.

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What to Expect

Our approach to recruiting didn’t happen overnight. We’re highly experienced search consultants, and that becomes apparent in our first conversation. Our presentation is smooth and well organized. If we move forward with you in the recruitment process, you’ll notice that we have great follow-up. We’ll keep you closely informed with regard to every step of the process. You’ll know:


  • when HR has reviewed your resume

  • when the hiring manager has reviewed your resume

  • whether the company would like to schedule a phone interview


Should a company decide to move forward with a phone interview, we’ll then contact you with regard to scheduling. But it’s very important to realize that we’re going to help you prepare for that phone interview as well.


Prior to the phone interview with the company, we’re going to schedule a phone call with you to help you prepare for the interview. During the preparation phone call, we’ll once again discuss:


  • the job description and requirements

  • your resume as it relates to the position that you’re interviewing for

  • the hiring company and we may even go on the company website with you during the call so that we can highlight some of the things you told us were important to you, and how this position at this company, meets your career goals.


The bottom line is that you’re going to go into that phone interview fully prepared. You’ll be thoroughly familiar with the job and the company. That means that you’ll be confident during the interview, and you’ll probably make a very good impression.

What's Next

Assuming that you and the company would like to move forward in the process after the phone interview, we’ll then contact you to schedule an on-site interview. We’ll prepare you in a similar way for the face-to-face interview. We’ll advise you which members of the company team you’ll be meeting with, and we’ll also provide you with an agenda for the on-site interview.


After the interview, we’ll ask you for your feedback, and then contact you when we have feedback from the company.

Should a company wish to extend an offer to you, we’ll discuss that offer with you in detail, and answer any of your questions or concerns.


The bottom line here is that we’re going to continue to provide you with strong support, as we have throughout the process. Assuming that an offer is extended and accepted, we’ll assist you with the process of giving notice to your current employer.


Some candidates are a little nervous about that, but most employers are very supportive. They want to see you advance in your career, and they want you to be happy. Almost always current employers wish departing employees their very best.


Following that, we’ll help you to settle into your new position. We tend to bond with our candidates.


We’re here to help and support you every step of the way.

Sound Advice 

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