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At New River Search, we’ll keep you connected to top performers. Contact us today so we can help you find the perfect people best suited for your needs and requirements. We make sure to create the perfect fit between companies and employees so that both sides are happy in the end. Let us help you today.

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Most Hiring Managers and HR Professionals ask us who we recruit, but nobody ever asks us “why.”

We recruit Chemists and PhD Scientists, and the reason “why” is because we find it fascinating.


We work with candidates who provide innovative ideas.

Our Chemical Segments 

You can’t be good at what you do, unless you enjoy what you do. Many of our client companies are repeat customers, and we think that’s because we enjoy what we do. We’re friendly, yet professional, and that makes us easy to work with. We serve the following industries:






Specialty Chemicals
UV Cure

Green Chemistry

High Priority Roles

We like to recruit for “critical hires.” These are searches that make a real difference to the company. Our candidates are people who are essential for the company to grow, or even to operate. Many of our clients are Mid-Market Chemical Manufacturing companies, although we work with larger companies as well.
Some of our recent searches that we’ve recruited on have been the following:

Chief Technical Officer

VP of Technical Engineering

PhD Scientist
R&D Chemist
Lab Manager
R&D Manager
Technical Director

Product Development Manager

R&D Director
VP Technology
Chief Manufacturing Officer
Director of Operations

Director of Innovation

Director of Quality 

PhDs, Scientists & Chemists

Many of the PhD’s and Scientists who we recruit are frequently published, and quite often they are the leading authorities in their field. When Leadership sets a goal, PhD’s and Scientists are the ones who research and create the vision. When PhD’s and Scientists describe to us the work that they do, they’re excited because it’s their passion and their life’s work.

The Chemists who we recruit are highly technical and creative people. Nothing gets them more energized than developing a new product or improving an existing one. They're problem solvers who are committed to their work and provide solutions. During an interview with a Chemist, they dive into the details and their enthusiasm transfers to us. It's a pleasure to work with them!

R&D Leaders and Senior Operations Executives

We know where all the “A” players are in the various chemical segments, and those candidates know us. They call us, confidentially, and on a regular basis, so that we can help them leverage their careers. We look for top performers who have a track record of success, as well as recent experience and accountabilities.


As search consultants we love to recruit Senior Leadership who are enthusiastic and excited about their work. We assist Chief Technical Officers, Chief Manufacturing Officers, Chief Operating Officers, and VPs of Manufacturing, Technology, and Operations with regard to new career opportunities. It’s very rewarding to see candidates that we recruited succeed as they build new teams, open new plants and labs, and grow their new organizations organically and through acquisitions.

New River Search’s Exclusive Succession Planning Guide for Chemicals Companies


Plan + Start + GO! Succssion Planning Guide by New River Search LLC

We enjoy speaking with Leadership, Hiring Managers, and HR Professionals who are passionate about their companies, and excited about recruiting new members to their team.

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