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Simple Ideas for Writing a Thank You Note After an Interview…That Could Land You the Job

Does your mind go blank when it’s time to write a thank you note after an interview?

If the answer is, “yes,” you’re not alone.

And it’s no wonder. With all the information that’s out there about how to write a thank you note after an interview, it’s very hard to come up with something that isn’t totally cookie-cutter.

There are some people who believe that a thank you note is a waste of time.

I think a well-written and short thank you note is a nice touch.

And, so do my clients.

In some cases, it may even get you the job.

The next time you feel stuck when writing a thank you note after an interview, try these easy to implement ideas.

Step 1 – Before your interview, plan that you will be writing a 3 paragraph thank you note afterward and when you get home.

Step 2 - Be alert during your interview for good material to use in the thank you note.

Step 3 – Below is a template that I’ve designed with instructions, to help my candidates.

Thank You Note Template:

Paragraph 1:

Dedicate the first few sentences to thanking the interviewer for their time/tour/explanation. The beginning of the note needs to resonate with the interviewer. For example,

Hi Lisa,

It was nice meeting you today. Thank you for interviewing me and giving me a tour of the BEST Company’s lab. It was exciting to learn that I’m already familiar with your new equipment.

Paragraph 2:

In this section of the note you can use the material that you were alert for when you were being interviewed. Perhaps Paragraph 2 will read something like this:

I was also happy to learn about BEST’s plan to open a second lab in the next 18 months. You may recall that 3 years ago I helped my current employer open a new lab and that my work was recognized with an Employee of the Year Award.

Paragraph 3: This is where you ask for the job. Don’t be uncomfortable about this because Hiring Managers always want to make a job offers to those candidates who want the job. Here is an example of how to write the final paragraph in your letter:

Lisa, the Lab Manager position with BEST Company is exactly what I have been looking for. It’s a nice balance between having more challenge as well as the occasion to apply my expertise. I would welcome the chance to join your team and further build my career with BEST. Thank you again for this opportunity.

The Close: This section is a little window for you to continue to build a relationship with your potential new employer. Keep it simple and be sure to offer the interviewer the option to contact you for further information. Then wrap it up with your first and last name and always include your cell number.

Something like this works well:

Please feel free to give me a call anytime.

Best regards,

Lisa Chubinsky


Good luck! Please feel free to comment or like below if you found my advice helpful.

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