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Video Interviews Make It to The Big Screen

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Video interviews are rapidly becoming routine as we work our way through the COVID 19 epidemic. Successful video interviewing requires the same preparation as an onsite interview, including researching the company and studying the job description. But you should also think about and then prevent potential interruptions that might disrupt your interview. Video interviewing offers a lot of convenience. Since it’s likely to be done from home, a video interview also has the potential to give a recruiter or hiring manager an unintended view of you. To make a great impression and prevent that impression from being diminished by unexpected distractions, consider the following tips:

1. Set yourself up in a quiet, nicely lit room with a neat and professional looking background. A living room or home office is a more appropriate back drop than a kitchen or bedroom.

2. Confirm that you have a solid internet or Wi-Fi connection. If the connection is poor, the interviewer may lose patience.

3. Do a sound check. Make sure that your video interview location will be immune to the sound of an unexpected doorbell, cell phone, lawn mower, car horn or whatever. These noises can completely throw off an interview. I know of several situations where this type of disturbance ruined the interview to the point it needed to be postponed. Unfortunately, some of these interviews never got rescheduled because there was already one candidate in queue to be video interviewed, who was good enough to be hired.

4. Dress like you’re interviewing in person. Though you may be in the comfort of your own home, proper interview attire is still important.

5. Note taking and visual aids, when appropriate and that support the metrics for your interview are fine and encouraged. On the other hand, your interview space needs to be free of coffee cups and other clutter.

6. Be aware of where the camera is located. You will appear poised and confident if you look in the direction of the camera versus looking at the interviewer.

7. Be sure that you’re the one who steals the show. Now is not the time for the hiring manager to meet your cat as she walks across the keyboard! Nor is it time for the baby to cry and toddle around. These sorts of awkward interruptions can chew into the interview time allotted. It may also shine a light on your personal life in a way that would never happen during an onsite interview.

A successful video interview is meant to be just as professional as an onsite face to face interview. Companies large and small depend on them daily. This is not the time to wing it and improvise. As the candidate, it’s your responsibility to coordinate your own logistics plan for

your interview set up, the rest is easy. Just focus on the interview in the way you would if you were there in person. Good luck!

Lisa Chubinsky

New River Search LLC


With a career spanning over 25 years, Lisa Chubinsky, CPC, CTS is a Partner with Philadelphia based New River Search LLC. She is a veteran Recruiter, Industry Speaker and expert in the areas of Contingency and Retained Searches, as well as Contracting. During the search process, Lisa works directly with senior leadership. Her clients include companies of all sizes including large Global Corporations and Mid-Market PE Portfolio companies.

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